Worksite Analysis

Work site assessment is performed to identify potential barriers at workplace that may be interfering with the client’s ability to work successfully. Recommendations are subsequently made to improve work performance by removing the barriers , applying strategies like pacing, energy conservation, modification of the specific parts of the job that’s was painful due to the injury.

This assessment is designed for clients who are at work but may be having difficulty with specific parts of the job or for clients to establish an appropriate return to work plan. The workplace and workstation are evaluated for unsafe work practices and an appropriate detailed report with clear recommendations are provided to improve function, training, education needs and change work methods/workstation . Accessibility, work methods, workplace design and ergonomics, productivity demands, equipment in use, and the individual’s abilities and limitations, are some of the factors that are considered.

At Progressive, our Occupational therapist or certified Kiniesiologist performs this test at your worksite and takes about 2 hours of direct time.