Work Hardening & Conditioning

Work hardening and conditioning program is designed to facilitate safe and successful return to work following injury or illness. An individualized, goal-oriented program, which includes an assessment of the individual’s functional abilities, the work demands, and the work environment, all of which are critical to designing an effective program. Graduated return to full time /modified time based on demonstrated abilities will be established as needed. The Case manager of the team acts a liaison between the employee, the employer, and the medical/rehabilitation team, and monitors the program regularly (minimum once per week), to ensure successful transition back to work. Programs are designed to minimize disruption of work routines and impact on other employees. A detailed initial report, with a specific return to work plan; regular progress reports; and a final report outlining the program outcomes are provided.

The treatment interventions are focused on participation in an active conditioning program. The program consists of a functional exercise routine focused on work-simulation type of activities, cardiovascular, endurance and strength training. Coordination with employer/rehab consultant to facilitate appropriate graduated return to work is incorporated. Additionally, concepts like activity re-integration, functional retraining, hurt vs. harm and proper positioning/posturing are included.