Physical Demands Analysis (PDA)

The physical Demands Analysis (PDA) is an objective measurement of the functional, congnitive and physical requirement s of that specific job. It identifies essential job requirements and includes detailed information regarding strength, mobility, endurance and functional tasks like sitting, standing, walking, climbing, pulling, pushing, reaching, gripping, dexterity, tool/equipment use, vision , perception, concentration and decision making. It provides detailed information regarding the frequency, duration and intensity of of work demands placed on a worker at a specific job and it also classifies the job into a general occupational category (ie light, medium or heavy level of work).

The PDA is an important tool for developing appropriate protocols for post-offer screens and essential tool to ensure establishment of early and safe return to work plan. It is the tool used to perform a job match and/or determine the appropriateness of client for that specific work by compairing the current functional abilities of the client.

At Progressive this service is provided by Occupational Therapist or certified Kiniesiologist who will conduct this assessment at the workplace.