Naturopathic medicine is a distinct system of health care that takes a comprehensive, individualized approach to address the root cause of illness. Naturopathic doctors, being highly trained primary care providers, combine scientific knowledge with a wide range of natural therapies to promote health and well being.

Recognizing that illness or disease can be influenced by several factors, naturopathic doctors take an integrative approach, exploring not only physical, but mental, emotional, environmental and genetic aspects, when comprising an individualized treatment plan.

The primary goal of treatment is to address the underlying cause of disease rather than suppressing symptoms, and to support the natural healing process of the body, with an emphasis on health education, and prevention.

Principles of Naturopathic Medicine:

  1. First do no harm
    Naturopathic doctors use safe and effective therapies with minimal risks and side effects.
  2. Support the natural healing process of the body
    Naturopathic medicine recognizes the body's ability to heal itself, and uses safe therapies to support this vital process.
  3. Identify and address the root cause of disease
    Through an in-depth intake and testing, Naturopathic doctors strive to identify and treat the root cause of disease rather than suppressing symptoms.
  4. Treat the whole person through individualized treatments
    Naturopathic doctors recognize the various factors affecting health, and take into account physical, mental/emotional, spiritual, genetic and environmental factors when comprising an individual treatment plan.
  5. Teach the principles of healthy living
    Naturopathic doctors strive to educate and empower patients to take control of their own health.
  6. Focus on preventative medicine
    The focus of treatments are healthy living and disease prevention.