Ergonomic Assessments

Ergonomic assessments can be conducted at home or workplace to assess the relationship between the environment and the client. It assists to identify factors that pose a potential risk for injuries with activities such as high repetitions, contact stresses, akward/sustained postures and strength demands. Furthermore, it identifies factors that may reduces productivity and promotes prevention, such as job demands, job design, nature of work, physical environment and the organization of workspace. The recommendations assist in developing a good fit between the client and the work environment in order to improve health, comfort, productivity and to prevent injury.

At Progressive, these assessments are commonly conducted by Occupational therapists or Kiniesiologists. The assessment is conducted off site. It generally would last a maximum of 2 hours. A comprehensive report outlining the results of the assessment with recommendations is provided to the funder as appropriate. The recommendations may include modification to the environment, work practices (ie proper posturing of the body, job rotations, work breaks) tools and/or equipment.